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Seeing a Safer Tomorrow

COVE: Center of Visual Expertise, established in 2017 by the Toledo Museum of Art (TMA), is a pioneer in using visual literacy to enhance workplace safety. Born from TMA’s mission to improve visual comprehension and communication through the world’s great art, COVE has transformed theory into practice. Leveraging TMA's cutting-edge curriculum, we collaborate with major organizations, including numerous Fortune 500 companies, to drive success by implementing strategies for seeing better in the workplace. Our work not only highlights the social value of museums but also demonstrates how art history can save lives by enhancing Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) outcomes.

Our training programs focus on improving hazard recognition and risk management by teaching participants to observe, interpret, and communicate their surroundings with greater acuity. By blending art-based observation techniques with practical safety applications, COVE enables employees at all levels to proactively identify and mitigate risks, fostering safer and more efficient work environments. Whether through workshops, online courses, or tailored training sessions, COVE empowers organizations to cultivate a culture of safety and continuous improvement.


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