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TMA Ambassadors

Since 1957

The Toledo Museum of Art Ambassadors, established in 1957 as the Aides, is an ancillary group with a rich history of service to the Toledo Museum of Art and its Director. The Ambassador mission is to support the Toledo Museum of Art in vital ways through advocacy and participation.


  • Promote the Museum to the greater community by advancing membership, providing volunteer service and supporting fundraising events.

  • Perpetuate the Ambassador Endowment in support of TMA exhibitions, projects and programs.

  • Offer enrichment opportunities in the arts for the Ambassador membership. 

Criteria for Membership

  • Maintain a current Toledo Museum of Art membership.

  • Demonstrated experience or documented interest in the arts.

  • Willingness to fully commit both time and energy to fulfill a six-year term of service, one year as a Provisional and five as an Active.

  • Leadership skills in the arts, education, fundraising, public relations or community service.


The Ambassador organization thrives with new members added each year. Interested prospective members are welcome to attend as guests of Ambassadors at monthly programs and luncheons. The Ambassadors host one provisional class per year. Those interested in joining need to apply with a member’s support—a sponsor. Once you have decided that you would like to join and that you are able to honor the commitments, the application process begins. (You may contact the Ambassadors to inquire about a possible sponsor.)

For information about membership obligations, the Provisional training year, and the application timeline, please contact us at


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