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“Everything Is Rhythm”: Mid-Century Art & Music


Following on the success of Sights & Sounds: Art, Nature, and the Senses (July 21, 2018-Feb. 23, 2020), the next installation of the New Media gallery will once again feature a multisensory display, this time focused on an exploration of the relationship between art and music. Jointly curated by Halona Norton-Westbrook, Director of Curatorial Affairs, and Scott Boberg, Manager of Programs and Audience Engagement, the exhibition will feature a selection of 20th-century abstract paintings each paired with carefully curated musical composition. Presented together in this manner, the art and music engage visitors in a multi-sensory experience that simultaneously engenders close looking, contemplation, and a consideration of the connection between visual and auditory art forms. Free admission.


“Everything is Rhythm”: Mid-Century Art & Music is sponsored by the Ohio Arts Council, additional support from 2019 Exhibition Program Sponsor ProMedica, and a gift from the estate of Rachel Merrill. 


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