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Momentum | Intersection celebrates the ingenuity that results when art and industry meet. Now in its fifth year, this juried exhibition brings new artwork to Toledo made in response to a call for creativity by Pilkington Glass North America, part of Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd (NSG), and The Arts Commission of Greater Toledo. Momentum | Intersection 2022 will be on view in the Toledo Museum of Art’s Glass Pavilion from September 15 to October 16, 2022. The exhibition features three works, one each by Brian Corr (Hastings, NE), Alexander Rosenberg (Philadelphia, PA), and Chuchen Song (Toledo, OH).

Named Intersection in response to the joining of individual artistic practice with the industrial production of float glass, the exhibition is mounted annually in conjunction with the Momentum Festival, a three-day celebration of the arts in the Glass City and the surrounding region that takes place in September each year. It was inspired by the glass workshops held in Toledo, OH in 1962, when a group of ceramicists gathered on the campus of the Toledo Museum of Art to experiment with glass on an individual, rather than industrial, scale. Their success sparked the American Studio Glass movement to work with glass as an artistic medium. The Toledo Workshops were only possible, though, because of the city’s rich history of glass industry—invaluable technical knowledge was provided by Dominick Labino, a retired scientist from Johns Manville, and Harvey Greenleaf, a retired Libbey glassmaker. Similarly, Intersection connects contemporary art making with Toledo’s history as an innovator in the glass industry.

Artists chosen to participate in Momentum | Intersection are given unfettered access to career professionals at Pilkington, who make the glass as well as materials for the artists’ projects and come with backgrounds in architecture, glassmaking, and design. The three innovative glass works on view in Momentum | Intersection 2022 have benefited from this cutting-edge industrial knowledge and embody the dedication to artistic experimentation that The Toledo Arts Commission, NSG Pilkington, and the Toledo Museum of Art seek to foster.


Momentum | Intersection is organized by The Arts Commission of Greater Toledo, Pilkington Glass North America, part of Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd (NSG) and curated by Sophie Ong, Hirsch Glass Curatorial Fellow. 


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