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Adopt an Artwork

Conservation is an important aspect of Toledo Museum of Art’s efforts to preserve artworks for future generations to enjoy. TMA’s conservators are responsible for the direct care of artworks with the use of technical research, scientific analysis, and find hand skills. TMA’s collections team has identified several artworks that are in need of special assistance. We’ve developed the “Adopt an Artwork” program as a way for our supporters to participate in the process of restoration.

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Adoption Benefits

Adopting an artwork is a valuable gift to the museum, but also gives the donor "backstage access":

  • A short dossier on the work you have selected.

  • Time to discuss with the curator or conservator the issues surrounding the object, why it needs restoration, and the conservation process.

  • An opportunity to spend time with TMA’s conservators and view their work on your selected piece.

  • A color photo of the sponsor with the adopted object.

  • Recognition as the adoptive sponsor on the gallery label, good for five years.

Additional Opportunities

One of the most important aspects of conservation is preventative care, which often happens behind the scenes. Though it may not be immediately obvious, washers, dryers, and freezers are often unsung heroes of the conservation profession.

Textiles are commonly supported, stored, or covered with fabrics like silk, Tyvek, cotton, muslin, and linen. These materials often contain sizing, finishing, and residual detergents, which need to be removed to ensure that our collection remains safe and uncontaminated. The Textile Conservation Lab uses these materials daily, meaning laundry - and the use of a washer and dryer - is a daily task! Your support of these crucial pieces of equipment will ensure our textile collection remains protected, enhancing its condition and life span for future generations.

A freezer is also a necessary preservation tool. A freezer helps prevent deterioration of contemporary materials by slowing down the chemical reactions that cause damage, and it can also be used to prevent insect infestations, stabilize organic materials, and prevent mold growth. Your contribution will allow us to prolong the lifespan of precious works from our collection that would otherwise be vulnerable to decay in normal conditions.

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